Want More Visitors? Write More Content.

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Quality content is important. Heard that before? If you’re on Sqiudoo, or any user generated content site, you’ve surely read the importance of writing quality content. There are several reasons why this is true, but there’s one reason I don’t see mentioned quite as often as some of the more typical reasons for adding content.

More content should inadvertently lead to more search terms being included on your lens for your topic. This is important – it can’t be words for the sake of words. We’re talking strong, well-written content about your topic. More search terms for your content means more ways to gain visitors. Chances are you optimized your lens for a few keywords or phrases, targeting some search volume you identified in a keyword tool, but there are all those smaller volume search phrases that you didn’t pay attention to when creating your lens. The more you write, the more you’re going to hit on those phrases. Even if that smaller phrase delivers only 1 more visitor per week, ten such phrases in a lens equates to another 520 visitors a year. Copy that across 10 lenses and we’re now talking about an additional 5200 visitors a year.

Here’s an example. I have one lens that I optimized for one keyword phrase and a couple of smaller volume phrases. From those three phrases, I receive 15 visitors a week from search engines. I receive another single visit a week for each of 47 smaller phrases that I just happened to include in the content of my lens. Yes, I’m an accountant by education so I have to do the math – that’s another 2,444 visitors a year for just that one lens.

Okay, that sounds pretty cool, right? But how do I know those are good search terms drawing in the visitors for which my lens is intended? By using Statcounter’s free statistics tool to track visitor activity on my lens, I know that 16.1% of my visitors are staying on my lens for more than five minutes. For that kind of activity, I’m willing to include more content in a lens any day.