This Way Out

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My office door has been closed so long at work due to a head-pounding round of conference calls related to a project I feel sure is being haunted by a poltergeist that I forgot what it looked like outside of my office when that door was open.

After only one conference call (albeit, 3 hours long), I had a break – some time available where I might just sit like a normal person at my desk with an open door and a welcome smile while I worked on some paperwork.  In mid-thought, I glanced up from my work to gaze out that beautiful, open door.

You know what I can see outside of my open door?  Two very large, very red EXIT signs pointing to the elevators.

So I left.  🙂

(Okay – I didn’t go far.  Down to the corner Starbucks for a caramel frappuccino and back – but it felt so good!)