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80 Books for Free? A Writing Contest You Should Try

I’ll admit, I browse my email. I get so much throughout the day between work and home that it’s nearly impossible to read every word. I need to come up with a better method because…I even browse email from my own family. That’s how I missed the note about a great, little writing contest being put on by one of my mother’s favorite blogs, Dear Reader.

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Lower Electric Bills – Trick is Twofold

I’ve been researching electricity usage, reviewing electric bills, and reading up on the cost per kilowatt hour nationally and state-wide for a current project. I’m always on the hunt for ways to lower my electric bills and have been writing about this online recently. Then a light bulb went off (it’s okay, it was solar powered). The problem needs to be tackled in at least two ways.

Light Bulb by Caveman 92223

Light Bulb by Caveman 92223

First, rate – the cost you pay for your electricity. This is usually referred to as your cost per kilowatt hour (or kWh). You can lower this amount if your electric company offers what’s called an Off-Peak or Non-Peak plan which charges less per kWh for those kilowatts used during the time of the day when overall demand is lower. If you sign up for these plans and shift as much of your usage as possible to the off-peak times, you’ll lower your overall cost per kWh. Your electric company may offer other reduced-charge plans.


1000 kWh used at $.09/kWh would be a charge of $90
1000 kWh used at $.08/kWh would be a charge of $80

Second, total usage – the total kWh used in a month. This shows up on your bill and can vary month-to-month but is usually driven by changes in season and weather. If your home uses electric air conditioning, for instance, but gas heat like mine, your electricity bill is often higher in the summer and lower in the winter only because you’ve switched sources of energy used to set your home’s temperature.
Making your home more energy efficient also helps reduce your total usage and has an impact on your electric bill. Even a reduction in usage of 10% makes a difference.


1000 kWh used at $.09/kWh would be a charge of $90
900 kWh used at $.09/kWh would be a charge of $81

Now, put the two techniques together. Lower your rate and your usage:


1000 kWh used at $.09/kWh would be a charge of $90

900 kWh used at $.08/kWh would be a charge of $72 ?

For information on the exact methods you can use to lower your electric bills, see my other online articles:

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Good luck!

Spitting Out Posts

I haven’t posted to my blog in so long I nearly forgot I even had a blog. I’ve seen some very nice, simple but effective blog posts lately on other sites and I think it’s time I squeeze in a few of those. Can’t guarantee they’ll be effective – or even entertaining – but if I focus on just writing and not word count, I’ll at least get back to blogging.

You’ll notice my previous posts are a bit lengthy. I don’t think of myself as a talker, but when it comes to writing, I can go on and on. In fact, you should see some of the posts I’ve left in forum threads. I’ve nearly taken up the page which must frustrate a few folks. Today’s message: there’s nothing wrong with short and sweet. I suppose that’s what Twitter is trying to tell us.

Writing Contests Worth Your Time

Yesterday, while doing some additional research on how to further develop a career in writing, I came across a question about a writing competition in a forum.  Competitions?  They have writing competitions?  I guess I should have realized that, but truly it hadn’t crossed my mind.  I ran off to my favorite search engine (hello Google!) and found several interesting, high quality competitions worth considering.

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Writing Zone

My five year old is starting to discover the joys of writing and wrote his first story last week. He was so proud he asked me to bring it to work with me and then quickly made me promise to bring it back home, too. I was wise enough, albeit at the last minute, to have some coworkers write comments on post-its so I could attach them to the story and bring the story back to my son with their glowing praise stuck to the front. He was thrilled.

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Writer’s Day Off

I felt a little worn out yesterday so I didn’t get much work done. Actually, worn out isn’t quite accurate. I didn’t feel tired, I just felt lazy. I should have done some writing. I should have worked on my Squidoo lenses. I meant to go around visiting. That’s what I call socializing – visiting those who have visited my lenses, finding new lensmasters, chatting on Twitter, or in the various Squidoo forums, and catching up on my favorite blogs. I surely should have called my mother. I did none of that, although I was on the computer most of the day. I was reading, until I found this cool little application…

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