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Writing Contests Worth Your Time

Yesterday, while doing some additional research on how to further develop a career in writing, I came across a question about a writing competition in a forum.  Competitions?  They have writing competitions?  I guess I should have realized that, but truly it hadn’t crossed my mind.  I ran off to my favorite search engine (hello Google!) and found several interesting, high quality competitions worth considering.

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Creative Writing Idea

My goal is to start writing again and to keep me on track I’ve developed a list of daily writing tasks that I’ve been following pretty religiously.  Although hard to call it a task because it’s more fun than work, one of those steps is to write short pieces of creative writing fiction for a writer’s blog called Extreme Writing.

Creative writing describes all of the writing that doesn’t fit in the category of articles, non-fiction, and textbooks.  You get to break the rules in creative writing and come up with poems, short stories, or long novels.  Break the rules.  One has so many rules to follow in every day life that creative writing is like the wild west where I get to be in charge.  If I want to say “off with their heads”, I can do so, and if I want to do it without writing a complete sentence because that’s what makes sense for the piece, then – ta da – I can.

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Writing Zone

My five year old is starting to discover the joys of writing and wrote his first story last week. He was so proud he asked me to bring it to work with me and then quickly made me promise to bring it back home, too. I was wise enough, albeit at the last minute, to have some coworkers write comments on post-its so I could attach them to the story and bring the story back to my son with their glowing praise stuck to the front. He was thrilled.

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Writer’s Day Off

I felt a little worn out yesterday so I didn’t get much work done. Actually, worn out isn’t quite accurate. I didn’t feel tired, I just felt lazy. I should have done some writing. I should have worked on my Squidoo lenses. I meant to go around visiting. That’s what I call socializing – visiting those who have visited my lenses, finding new lensmasters, chatting on Twitter, or in the various Squidoo forums, and catching up on my favorite blogs. I surely should have called my mother. I did none of that, although I was on the computer most of the day. I was reading, until I found this cool little application…

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Journal Exercises for Writers

In my continuing journey to start writing again, I’m working through a book of daily writing exercises. The easy part, sometimes, is completing the exercise. The hard part is putting it out here on the web for anyone who might wander by to comment on or critique However, I’m hoping others who want to start writing again will feel inspired, join me, try a few exercises, and even post some of their own in the comments.

Exercise from a few days ago: Describe my favorite stories and why I like them.

I’m stumped right off the bat. They’re all my favorites. Like a cup of Starbucks, rarely have I met a book I didn’t like. I think it’s just being lost in something that I enjoy. Any writer could just string some words together, a popcorn chain on a Christmas tree, and I’ll follow right along chomping every morsel as it’s served.

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