You know those reloadable credit cards that act almost like a real credit card with some minor differences?  What if that becomes how we manage our finances in the future?

I was cleaning out my purse the other day – something I do regularly before I go on the road.  My friends know I am not a fan of large purses.  I like to travel light.  That means that there is no room for fluff in my small, little purse.  However, I came across a slip of paper folded in half and jammed down low in the money fold of my wallet.  It was a spare, blank check from my account that I put in there quite some time ago for emergencies.

Quite some time ago means…over two years ago.  I have not needed it.  I haven’t written a single check in that time.  All of my money is handled electronically.  The checking account is just the place my money is held and from which I direct my bank to send bill payments.  I use the onine service to move money around as needed.  But – I never write checks.  See the irony?  The name of the entire deposit product has to do with checks and I never use them.

I can’t be the only one who has a checking account and does not write checks. Considering the number of places that take debit and credit card transactions and that I can send money straight out of my account without having to write a check or address an envelope, it is highly possible my children will never write a check in their lives.

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