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Excuse Me While I SEO

I set out this weekend with one goal in mind. My research shows that having the same sidebar show up on every page of my blog is going to hurt my Google ranking as it could be considered duplicate content. I’ve been diligently working to understand search engine optimizaton (making a search-engine friendly website) ever since I added Squidoo to my list of online hobbies. I’d tried to change the sidebars around before with no success. WordPress code is in PHP, a scripting language I’m only beginning to learn. But I have a book, the web, and a few hours to kill. How bad could it get?

You’ll have to excuse me, though, if while visiting this blog, you might have caught a glimpse of an unsightly blog sidebar. My new friend:

Fatal error!

Uh-oh, Houston, we have a problem.

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Oh! Squidoo AND a Blog…

I swear sometimes I must be the slowest person on the planet. I know when I joined Squidoo, I read all kinds of tips on promoting your lenses and a biggie was to blog about them. What I didn’t realize was that, in return, your lenses could also help your blog. At least, I think that could be the case. I’m still new to the whole blogging thing so stick with me here while I think this through, but last night, while working away on research for a lens, I noticed something – something I hadn’t seen before.

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Want More Visitors? Write More Content.

Quality content is important. Heard that before? If you’re on Sqiudoo, or any user generated content site, you’ve surely read the importance of writing quality content. There are several reasons why this is true, but there’s one reason I don’t see mentioned quite as often as some of the more typical reasons for adding content.

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Google is a Giant Help Desk

The process of learning how to create Squidoo pages absolutely absorbs you in learning more about the web and how all things connect. I’ve read so many how-to pages on Squidoo and followed tips from a number of them. One lens suggested that various question and answer websites had do-follow links. If you’ve ever tried to drive web traffic to your own site or page you already know the importance of do-follow links. If you don’t, you should.

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