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Creative Writing Idea

My goal is to start writing again and to keep me on track I’ve developed a list of daily writing tasks that I’ve been following pretty religiously.  Although hard to call it a task because it’s more fun than work, one of those steps is to write short pieces of creative writing fiction for a writer’s blog called Extreme Writing.

Creative writing describes all of the writing that doesn’t fit in the category of articles, non-fiction, and textbooks.  You get to break the rules in creative writing and come up with poems, short stories, or long novels.  Break the rules.  One has so many rules to follow in every day life that creative writing is like the wild west where I get to be in charge.  If I want to say “off with their heads”, I can do so, and if I want to do it without writing a complete sentence because that’s what makes sense for the piece, then – ta da – I can.

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Writing at ExtremeWriting

I’m a horrible blogger – please forgive me, I’m fairly new. (Three months and I still get to say I’m new, right?) I feel very honored to have been asked to contribute to a friend’s blog but I forgot to mention it on my own blog. He’s a writer. Let me restate that – he’s an incredible writer. Inspiring, dedicated, and passionate about his writing and when I read his work, it always makes me want to work harder at my own writing skills.

Ever read someone else’s work and think, “If I had half of that talent?”. That’s Drifter. A motorcycle riding angel with a heart of gold and wicked sense of humor. If you want to feel challenged, if you want to read something that will make you want to pick up your pencil and give it a try, read any single piece of his work. Then read the rest of his writing, too, because you won’t be able to help yourself.

You can find Drifter at Extreme Writing.

Mixed in there are a few of my own fictional pieces under the category of Stone’s Throw. I’ll warn you…they pale in comparison.