Spina Bifida – Do Good Work in This World

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I’ve been working on a writing project that will help (I hope) the Spina Bifida Association of Western Pennsylvania.  In order to gather as much information as possible, I’ve been poking around the web looking for material to help highlight the cause.  Twice now, I’ve come across folks whose stories really touched me.  I reached out to both of these individuals to make sure they were okay with my using their information or sharing their stories.  Both times, I received the sweetest, most favorable replies almost immediately.

When you’re doing good work in this world (my Dad’s motto), people are so willing to share and help that it makes the work that much more enjoyable.  In fact, it makes it feel like it’s not really work at all.

Do something good today: Leave a nice comment for a friend, Twitter a happy message to the world, write an article to highlight your own good cause.

Donate some time or money to a worthy organization.


Erin Solange blogs about her life with spina bifida in a heartfelt journal of life in general and the challenges she faces – emotional and physical.  Thanks, Erin for your quick email responses!

I want to also thank Tyler Genest who took time out of his busy life – and without immediate access to the internet – to find a way to contact me to let me know he was absolutely fine with my sharing his story.   You can learn more about Tyler in the following video.

Bless you, both!