So Much To Do, So Little Time

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Yup, that’s an original title, isn’t it? But I seem to be out of originality at the moment. I’ve decided to go for Giant status on Squidoo and need to have a minimum of 50 quality lenses done by the end of June. I have 18 published lenses and that took me two full months to accomplish. I’ve improved my speed at putting out lenses, but I’m afraid quality will suffer if I go to fast. The past couple of days I’ve done a lot of legwork in coming up with some lens topics and I think I have about 8 lenses that are “work in process”.

After coming up with those ideas, though, I seem to be unable to get into actually finishing any of them. It might be because I picked topics based on keyword potential and those keywords aren’t about topics I particularly enjoy or know a lot about at the moment. There’s no doubt that if I know a subject or get into it that I seem to have ideas flowing faster than I can keep track of them. Right now, though, I keep going in to work on a lens and can’t seem to come up with anything. This might mean it’s time to do a lens just for fun to take the pressure off of optimizing a lens for the sake of getting visits.

It might also mean I’m just too darn tired to care. I can’t imagine why that would be when my day starts at 6:30am and it’s – yet again – after midnight and I’m still working on Squidoo and my blog. I just don’t know when to quit. Or, I know when to quit I just choose not to. That’s probably more like it but let’s pretend it’s not my fault.

Surprisingly, my little Lightning McQueen lens is doing very well. I did that one mostly for fun and I keep coming up with more material to add. Hmmm….wonder if I can come up with 22 more lenses on Lightning McQueen?