Sharpen Your Pencils

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That term came up in a call today and it got me thinking.  I started looking around my office and there wasn’t a single pencil in sight.  I haven’t written with a pencil in ages.  I have pens…lots of pens.  My kids have pencils (it’s a standard elementary school supply list item), but not me.  I have no pencils.  More importantly, I don’t really have a need for a pencil.

# 2 Pencil by Pink Sherbet

# 2 Pencil by Pink Sherbet

More than 80% of my writing is done electronically on my laptop.  I have a journal I carry around with me but I use a pen.  I like to see my cross-outs and little fixes.  They show me where I’ve been and give me reason to think I’ve made improvements.  It’s much easier not to have to futz around with an eraser and eraser crumbs.

I like pencils for word puzzles – especially mechanical pencils – but I rarely do those “manually” either, these days.  The iPod and such great selections of online games really makes it easy to enjoy word games whenever I want and wherever I might be.

But, now I’m a little worried.  Those yellow #2 pencils still have lots of memories for me.  What if they disappear?  What if we lose our need for those pencils we used as kids until the yellow flaked off and they’d become too short to even show coming out of the grip of our hand?  I’m starting to realize that could someday be a reality – in my lifetime, even.

I guess, chew them while you can folks!

(What do you use for writing – pen, pencil,  recorder, laptop…crayons?  Let me know.)  🙂

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  1. Hope Aubergine
    August 8, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Ahhh—-la plume est le portable pour l’ecrire. Mais le crayon…non-non, not those waxy little colored stubs!!!….the pencil for drawing certainement. 😮 )

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