Hugging and Business – Why the Two Don’t Mix

As the final day with my employer approaches, there has been a lot of reminscing at work. I’ve been with the same group of people for more than 10 years. Today, we got into a discussion about hugging and business and why I think the two don’t mix.

I know, you’re saying, “Well, it seems kind of obvious why the two shouldn’t go together. Don’t they teach you that in workplace harrassment classes?

Goodbye Corporate Life

I’m saying goodbye to the corporate life. Maybe it will turn out to be a mistake. Maybe not. I really hope not, anyway. No matter what, though, I believe my work life quality is about to change.

I quit my job – a very nice, corporate job at a well-recognized and ages old organization with benefits and a corner office.

No Age Limit on Road Rage

While attempting to enter a freeway from the service lane, a friend of mine experienced a most surprising incident of road rage. Only after he told me his story did I realize that I am probably guilty of gauging the possibility of irritating the drivers near me to the point of danger purely by age. The younger they are, the less likely I am to honk my horn or wave my hands in the air wildly as a sign that I think they just pulled a really, stupid move.

Robot Mop – My New Best Friend

Meet my robot mop. She’s short and round and cleans my floors for free – 24/7, if asked. She never complains, has completely freed my back from having to sweep, vacuum and mop large amounts of tile floor, and sits quietly in the corner when not in use.

Shipping Container Houses – Really!

Shipping container houses. Unbelievable. What a neat concept, though, with tremendous environmental benefit! I had never heard of these before but apparently the glut of shipping containers that have built up over time have presented a new building material and folks are making some incredible, modern, living and office spaces out of those old, used shipping containers.

I saw a few videos about these at a blog about shipping container homes. The benefits seem pretty amazing. You use used shipping containers so less wood is involved in the actual home construction (saving money) plus you’re doing something good for the environment. The containers are also incredibly strong since they were originally built to withstand the harsh environment during transport, and are resistant to many of the problems that plague traditional homes: insects, mold, fire.