Making Friends Online

There’s a lot of value in writing online.   One of the best benefits, though?  Making friends online.  I have friends all over the world.  Amazing, since the only country I’ve ever been to outside the United States is Canada.  (In itself, that’s odd considering I live only a few short hours from Mexico…)

If you’re trying to make your way as an internet marketer, it’s easy to come across people online who are going through the same things you are.  Reading, learning, creating, writing….struggling.  There’s a lot of research that goes into putting quality work online.  Then – you find one with whom you just click.  You think alike, share ideas, coach each other, pull each other, and push at each other to keep moving.

Emails whiz across the ether, over oceans, across deserts from one end of the world to another.   Sometimes the emails are bits of info – a new idea, a new website, a new tool we can use in our work.  Sometimes, they’re just funny because we’re tired, can’t think straight or really need a break.

My online IM partner is a man in Spain I have never met.  I know him only through his words.  I know he is funny, intelligent and creative.  I’ve often thought our emails back and forth would make a great blog all in their own.  There are lots of internet marketing lessons in those emails.  Life lessons, too- valuable, pull-yourself-apart, put-yourself-back-together lessons.

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Diaper Cake Ideas

I have found some great diaper cake ideas, for boys and girls, and built a collection of them, along with photos, at a few new sites on the web. These are the cutest things and although I never had one at any of my baby showers, I can see why they make a great gift. My boys aren’t so old that I don’t remember how many diapers we seemed to go through in a day!

If you’re looking for a great baby shower gift or want to make a diaper cake, these resources will help you out with pictures, instructions and more:

Diaper Cake Ideas
Best Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers
How to Make a Diaper Cake Step by Step
Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas
Diaper Cakes for Boys
Diaper Cake Ideas (yes, I did it twice!)

There are many ways to use a diaper cake either as a decoration for a baby shower or purely as a gift to an expectant mother. Some are simple but beautiful and decorated with bows in baby colors, dots, or stripes. Others are adorned with all kinds of baby gifts, toys and toiletries. Many are filled with baby lotions, powders and baby bath soap.

You can also find diaper cakes in all kinds of themes – diaper cakes for boys, girls, multiples. Diaper cakes with monkeys, giraffes, cars, trains, flowers, princess themes. Even diaper cakes done up in the colors of your favorite college football team.

They’re not difficult to make, in fact, they’re actually quite fun and the best part is picking all of the neat ways in which you can decorate a diaper cake.


Free Cars Programs and Research

I’ve been doing some research lately on free car programs for business reasons and found some interesting material. Did you know there are companies that will buy a new car, have their advertising put on with ad wrap, and then give it to someone to drive around FOR them? A great advertising mechanism, for sure!

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Guys Are Visual and Why I Get That Now

Part of an email to a friend last week:

“I just realized something…and I don’t know why this didn’t sink in before but just as I was reading your question my son came to me with the traditional “Mom, can you come look at something?” and I’m thinking to myself, “Why must the kids always make me come look at something?”

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How to Make Balloon Decorations

I’ve been gathering information on how to make balloon decorations for awhile now. Mostly this is because I have three boys and I’ve made balloon decorations a regular event for every birthday. I can now do a number of cool tricks like balloon columns, arches, and even came across some stuffed balloon ideas. It’s easier than you think.

I’m using that research in a couple of ways. First, I’m planning two birthday parties – one in a couple of weeks for my middle son and another next March for my oldest son’s 16th birthday. Second, as I’m gathering these ideas, I thought it was a great way to practice writing and I put up a few article pages about the balloon decoration ideas and instructions I’d found…which then became a blog:

I’ve been amazed at how many cool ideas there are for balloon decorations.   Just peek around the web and you’ll find images of all kinds of neat arches and columns and centerpieces.  But HOW to make balloon decorations?  That’s what I wanted to know.  And if I wanted to know that, I figured others did, too.   And you know what?  Get a few basic steps down and you can do so much more than you imagined.

Those who know me will say they’re not surprised this turned into so many pages of content.  I never do anything in small doses…

All I can say is my children are soon going to be overwhelmed with balloons (and I better remember to take pictures!).

What Follows the Golden Rule?

It’s been just my six year old and I this afternoon and I find these sweet moments alone with him to be so peaceful.  He’s such a great helper and wildly entertaining.   After a few hours of hanging around, cleaning, and watching Sponge Bob, I took him with me to Starbucks for my daily fix.  Little did I know we’d end up having a deep discussion about the Golden Rule.

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Speed and Agility Training

You got it, sports parents – it’s that time of year again. I have three boys and we’re gearing up for three sports this season. Just like school, a little extra practice at home can make all the difference in a young athlete’s performance. Fortunately, a friend of mine happened to write a slew of information online about drills and exercises to help athletes improve their speed and agility.

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80 Books for Free? A Writing Contest You Should Try

I’ll admit, I browse my email. I get so much throughout the day between work and home that it’s nearly impossible to read every word. I need to come up with a better method because…I even browse email from my own family. That’s how I missed the note about a great, little writing contest being put on by one of my mother’s favorite blogs, Dear Reader.

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Toby Keith and How I Made a Fool of Myself

Parents will do almost anything for kids.  Not just their own kids, but their siblings’ kids, their best friends’ kids, the kid down the street…sometimes just any kid at all.   So, last year, when my friend (who is like a brother to me) asked me to help him figure out how to promote his daughter’s singing career in an online contest, I went all out.  I spent hours every day for months on end promoting her in every way I could imagine.  First, because she’s THAT good and second, because, well, I’m simply addicted to all things computer related.

Little did I know then how that would become the first step on the road to my making a fool of myself in front of Toby Keith.

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