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I feel like I just moved into a new house. I just updated my blog “theme” and that’s no easy task if you have no idea what you’re doing. It still needs work but pretend I’ve just emptied the boxes and haven’t quite got the dishes actually in the cupboards yet. Just take my word for it, this blog looks very different from what it looked like earlier today. Sadly, I put this blog up over a month ago and I still had my default links hanging out for all the world to see. Not that the world has been by to visit. I did have one visitor and he couldn’t even leave a comment because I hadn’t quite figured out how to set those up.

I think comments are enabled now. I think.

All that’s left is to tidy up – tweak some fonts and colors and such. Then, we can go “shopping” for new widgets and cool tools to jazz this place up a bit. Hang the pictures on the wall. That will make a big difference. Maybe big is stretching it. Visitors will still be looking for something to bite their teeth into and I’m fresh out of steak at the moment.

Now to bed because it’s way late here and the mornings have not been forgiving lately.

Night all.