My Thoughts on Social Bookmarking

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I admit, I love everything internet. I’m absolutely fascinated by the amount of information you can so quickly have at your fingertips. I’m old enough to remember having to physically visit libraries to do any research for homework in college. I did not have the luxury of grabbing handfuls and chunks of information from a device in my own home until I was well into my career. I watch in awe as my five year old moves with lightning speed through his online world on Club Penguin. I blog, I play with HTML, I search, and I seek. But today’s current trends and focus on social bookmarking has me baffled.

I understand bookmarking pages for quick access and I use bookmarks all the time. I’m not sure why anyone else would care what my bookmarks are or how that could help. I’ve used a bookmark app, I’ve downloaded my bookmarks, I’ve even read pages and pages of information on social bookmarking but I’m still not sure I understand the push. Okay, I get that building links to your own material for a web of links boosts page rank, but if the original intent of bookmarking sites was to share information, are we now not just dumping for the sake of our own benefit? Are there really folks who use social bookmarking to share information they think would be of interest to others? Obviously not, because to sort them all, you can now rank each others bookmarks to help place those truly of interest at the top. Does that mean those at the bottom are really only using the social bookmarking app as a link directory? And does anyone care? I don’t know. I’ll continue to experiment but I think I may have found that point where my age runs hard against today’s social, online environment.

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  1. May 31, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Social bookmarking is a mixed bag. It is supposed to be great for building backlinks which Google does love. I find I just don’t have the time to do much-it is very time consuming. I’ve kind of felt the same about just dumping bookmarks on these sites-does anyone actually see them. I use Stumbleupon and Digg the most.

    Many of these sites are authority sites well liked by Google. Do a search for your desired keywords. Scroll down through the listings and watch for social media sites popping up-they are important to Google.

    For best results, go beyond just bookmarking and focus on other social media sites. Squidoo is a very good one. You will do more work for these links but you will feel you are actually putting something useful out there in exchange for your link (Like this blog comment, also good source of backlinks).

    Hope this helps.


    • June 1, 2009 at 7:25 am

      Shane, I hadn’t thought about searching for my keywords and finding the social media sites that pop up. That’s an excellent idea and seems like I’d find more relevant places to list and, likely, a community around my topic that would give me a chance to expand my knowledge. Neat idea! Thanks!

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