How to Make Balloon Decorations

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I’ve been gathering information on how to make balloon decorations for awhile now. Mostly this is because I have three boys and I’ve made balloon decorations a regular event for every birthday. I can now do a number of cool tricks like balloon columns, arches, and even came across some stuffed balloon ideas. It’s easier than you think.

I’m using that research in a couple of ways. First, I’m planning two birthday parties – one in a couple of weeks for my middle son and another next March for my oldest son’s 16th birthday. Second, as I’m gathering these ideas, I thought it was a great way to practice writing and I put up a few article pages about the balloon decoration ideas and instructions I’d found…which then became a blog:

I’ve been amazed at how many cool ideas there are for balloon decorations.   Just peek around the web and you’ll find images of all kinds of neat arches and columns and centerpieces.  But HOW to make balloon decorations?  That’s what I wanted to know.  And if I wanted to know that, I figured others did, too.   And you know what?  Get a few basic steps down and you can do so much more than you imagined.

Those who know me will say they’re not surprised this turned into so many pages of content.  I never do anything in small doses…

All I can say is my children are soon going to be overwhelmed with balloons (and I better remember to take pictures!).