Desert Pond Goes Live

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It’s late on a Sunday night and I’m stretching it, making it last as long as I can.  A typical feeling for Sunday.  Tomorrow, I will get up, race around the house, gather my electronics, my badge, maybe a spare pair of shoes for walking downtown, hustle kids out the door and race my way to the office.   I will attend meeting after meeting, make decisions, read email, make phone calls, answer phone calls and rush until the end of the work day.  I will pray my husband is at the bus stop on time to get the kids and that someone remembers to feed the dog.  When I come home, I will sigh because I really need to clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floors and scrub a few toilets.  My energy will be spent so none of this will get done.   Next weekend, I think.  I’ll tackle it then.  I won’t….but it calms the stress if I at least say to myself that I will.

So, I’m building a new world.  Oh, it’ll be online and not entirely real, but so much fun.  A place to escape, adventure out, or to just sit back and relax.  Wait staff in shorts and tank tops will bring me frothy, brightly colored drinks topped with paper umbrellas and slices of fruit.  Watermelon, strawberries, and chunks of banana.  I’ll wear pool side clothing with flowery flip-flops and stylish sunglasses and kick back on a yellow-cushioned lounge chair.  Why it’s starting already.  I hear birds chirping and the sun is warm on my skin.  A light breeze cools just enough to make me never want to move.

I’ll be here – by my little desert pond.