Part of an email to a friend last week:

“I just realized something…and I don’t know why this didn’t sink in before but just as I was reading your question my son came to me with the traditional “Mom, can you come look at something?” and I’m thinking to myself, “Why must the kids always make me come look at something?”

Just like their dad(s). Can’t just describe it to me – must make me sit and watch something they’ve already watched or must make me come look at something instead of just telling me what they want me to see. This time it was to tell me one of the vacuums wasn’t working. Instead of just telling me the vacuum wasn’t working, etc., I had to put down what I was doing, go across the house, down the stairs and into his room to see the vacuum wasn’t working. Tell him to use the other one (duh) and then tromp back up the stairs, across the house, back outside and figure out where I was.

And then it hit me….you guys REALLY are VISUAL learners and communicators!!!! For years, I’ve simply been stumped as to why my eyes are constantly in demand by the men in my house and not my ears. Ask them how their day went and I get “Okay.”. But if there’s something to SHOW me, they’ll drag me to the ends of the earth to see it. Often it’s something as unimportant as a bug, a funny commercial, two seconds of a video clip of some skateboarder or other, a mark on the wall, an empty carton of cereal. OMG…it suddenly seems so clear!!!”

A post for my mother.  :)  Love ya, Mom!