Free Cars Programs and Research

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I’ve been doing some research lately on free car programs for business reasons and found some interesting material. Did you know there are companies that will buy a new car, have their advertising put on with ad wrap, and then give it to someone to drive around FOR them? A great advertising mechanism, for sure!

I hadn’t heard of such a thing, although the programs have been around for nearly 10 years. As a business person, it makes sense to me. How much cheaper it must be to advertise this way for some companies as opposed to on-air or internet advertising. In fact, now I’m starting to wonder just how many of those Geek Squad cars are really driven by Geek Squad employees – or is someone getting paid to just drive those cars around?

These same companies may also pay you a monthly fee if you put their ad wraps on your car and drive around. Now, if you drive a lot already – you might as well get paid for it!

I’m often intrigued by new ventures and free car programs have had me pondering how I might use similar approaches in my own business. Something to think about, certainly.