Start Writing Again

Creative Writing Idea

My goal is to start writing again and to keep me on track I’ve developed a list of daily writing tasks that I’ve been following pretty religiously.  Although hard to call it a task because it’s more fun than work, one of those steps is to write short pieces of creative writing fiction for a writer’s blog called Extreme Writing.

Creative writing describes all of the writing that doesn’t fit in the category of articles, non-fiction, and textbooks.  You get to break the rules in creative writing and come up with poems, short stories, or long novels.  Break the rules.  One has so many rules to follow in every day life that creative writing is like the wild west where I get to be in charge.  If I want to say “off with their heads”, I can do so, and if I want to do it without writing a complete sentence because that’s what makes sense for the piece, then – ta da – I can.

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Writing Zone

My five year old is starting to discover the joys of writing and wrote his first story last week. He was so proud he asked me to bring it to work with me and then quickly made me promise to bring it back home, too. I was wise enough, albeit at the last minute, to have some coworkers write comments on post-its so I could attach them to the story and bring the story back to my son with their glowing praise stuck to the front. He was thrilled.

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Start Writing Dream Goals

What if I think I’m a good writer but I’m really not? There’s a question that pops into my head periodically, temporarily bringing me to a screeching halt. It’s my inner self telling my outer self I’m no good. We all have an inner self but each of ours has a different voice. Those with giant egos have an inner self whose mouths they’ve duct taped. Others have inner selves that try to slow them down. Your job is to get your inner self on your side without letting it go to your head. Set and meet goals and you’re confidence will grow.

I would love to earn my income online. I don’t today, but I have ideas and I’m doing all the research I can to help me. But what if I’m not good enough to earn my keep this way? I suppose it depends on how much I hope to make as much as how good I might be.

How about $10,000,000 a year from writing? Sound impossible?

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Write Online and Get Paid

Secretly, writers want to share their work. We ogle over our own, but we like our work to be seen – maybe even admired – by others. It feels good. Even better if you can get paid for your work. I’ve found some sites where you can do both – start writing again and earn a chance at getting paid. Yes, I said “earn a chance”. These aren’t guaranteed ways to make money. You need to create quality work. If you’re interested in writing, this shouldn’t worry you. However, if you’re just looking for a quick buck and have no interest in truly putting forth the effort, then your time would best be spent finding an alternate route. (And, no, I don’t know any get-rich quick schemes – sorry).

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Five Tips to Start Writing Again

I started this section of my blog to help me get back into writing again – sort of a place to park my notes and build a platform that would encourage me to keep at it daily. Having a blog does that, by the way. Once you’ve set it up, you feel responsible for feeding it some daily dose of love and commitment. (Note to self: if husband suddenly changes his name to Blog, I should be concerned.)

As a result, I really have been writing more than ever. My pages at Squidoo, blog posts on this blog, a personal journal I keep on Word, and my stories at Extreme Writing. I’m fulfilling my promise to myself, enjoying the process, and learning so much along the way. You can do the same. Need a push? Keep reading.

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Writer’s Day Off

I felt a little worn out yesterday so I didn’t get much work done. Actually, worn out isn’t quite accurate. I didn’t feel tired, I just felt lazy. I should have done some writing. I should have worked on my Squidoo lenses. I meant to go around visiting. That’s what I call socializing – visiting those who have visited my lenses, finding new lensmasters, chatting on Twitter, or in the various Squidoo forums, and catching up on my favorite blogs. I surely should have called my mother. I did none of that, although I was on the computer most of the day. I was reading, until I found this cool little application…

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Writing at ExtremeWriting

I’m a horrible blogger – please forgive me, I’m fairly new. (Three months and I still get to say I’m new, right?) I feel very honored to have been asked to contribute to a friend’s blog but I forgot to mention it on my own blog. He’s a writer. Let me restate that – he’s an incredible writer. Inspiring, dedicated, and passionate about his writing and when I read his work, it always makes me want to work harder at my own writing skills.

Ever read someone else’s work and think, “If I had half of that talent?”. That’s Drifter. A motorcycle riding angel with a heart of gold and wicked sense of humor. If you want to feel challenged, if you want to read something that will make you want to pick up your pencil and give it a try, read any single piece of his work. Then read the rest of his writing, too, because you won’t be able to help yourself.

You can find Drifter at Extreme Writing.

Mixed in there are a few of my own fictional pieces under the category of Stone’s Throw. I’ll warn you…they pale in comparison.

Journal Exercises for Writers

In my continuing journey to start writing again, I’m working through a book of daily writing exercises. The easy part, sometimes, is completing the exercise. The hard part is putting it out here on the web for anyone who might wander by to comment on or critique However, I’m hoping others who want to start writing again will feel inspired, join me, try a few exercises, and even post some of their own in the comments.

Exercise from a few days ago: Describe my favorite stories and why I like them.

I’m stumped right off the bat. They’re all my favorites. Like a cup of Starbucks, rarely have I met a book I didn’t like. I think it’s just being lost in something that I enjoy. Any writer could just string some words together, a popcorn chain on a Christmas tree, and I’ll follow right along chomping every morsel as it’s served.

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A Learning Curve or a Jagged Line?

Anytime I’ve tackled something new or different, whether a new assignment at work or a new online project, I go through a period I can only describe as a state of confusion. What do I need to know? Where can I get the information? At some point, I may even feel completely inadequate. In business and education, they describe this period as a “learning curve”. I would disagree that it’s a curve at all.

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Writing Exercises

I have always loved books. I suppose that’s not an uncommon statement – what child doesn’t get drawn in by picture books, asking the parent to read the same story over and over until they begin to tell a word was missed or a page skipped? Form the age of five, I also loved to write, writing new stories from the characters in my picture books and handing them to my mom to read – over and over again.

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