And Working Mother

What Follows the Golden Rule?

It’s been just my six year old and I this afternoon and I find these sweet moments alone with him to be so peaceful.  He’s such a great helper and wildly entertaining.   After a few hours of hanging around, cleaning, and watching Sponge Bob, I took him with me to Starbucks for my daily fix.  Little did I know we’d end up having a deep discussion about the Golden Rule.

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Speed and Agility Training

You got it, sports parents – it’s that time of year again. I have three boys and we’re gearing up for three sports this season. Just like school, a little extra practice at home can make all the difference in a young athlete’s performance. Fortunately, a friend of mine happened to write a slew of information online about drills and exercises to help athletes improve their speed and agility.

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Toby Keith and How I Made a Fool of Myself

Parents will do almost anything for kids.  Not just their own kids, but their siblings’ kids, their best friends’ kids, the kid down the street…sometimes just any kid at all.   So, last year, when my friend (who is like a brother to me) asked me to help him figure out how to promote his daughter’s singing career in an online contest, I went all out.  I spent hours every day for months on end promoting her in every way I could imagine.  First, because she’s THAT good and second, because, well, I’m simply addicted to all things computer related.

Little did I know then how that would become the first step on the road to my making a fool of myself in front of Toby Keith.

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Busy as a Bee

I know – friends and family are starting to wonder where I’ve been but it’s been a crazy week.  Besides my work project continuing to fall apart at the seems (taking me along with it!), I was buried in a Squidoo lens project for the WiWon School of Wonders and I actually needed a bit of a break after.  We’re talking a break of only a matter of hours, though.  The lens gave me some great ideas for new lenses so I have a pile of them sitting in draft mode awaiting a spare second or two.

My three boys start school next week so this week was also school supply and preparation week.  Meet the teachers, figure out what supplies we still have from last year, make new lists, and get ready for the big day Monday.  For the first time, all of our kids will be in school full time.  Oh, how I wish I could be at home instead of at work for those few quiet hours each day.

I’ve also been working through another online format, testing out some writing strategies and tools.  It’s nowhere near as fun as Squidoo, but I love to learn new things so I posted some small ads on USFreeAds as a trial.  Excel spreadsheet of information waiting to gather information.  I’d come across some great ebooks and some neat products I wanted to highlight and they made for small, quick writing exercises.

How to Fix Windows Errors
American Sign Language Videos
How to Make Wood Pellets
How to Get Satellite TV on Your Computer
Stuffed Balloon Ideas
Where Can I Make Music Beats On The Internet
Chrome Wall Art
Download Inuyasha Manga
Different Crochet Stitches
Wedding Balloon Decor
Balloon Decoration Ideas

Hope everyone is doing well!  (Kind of funny…Hope…my blog visitor…)  :)

Sharpen Your Pencils

That term came up in a call today and it got me thinking.  I started looking around my office and there wasn’t a single pencil in sight.  I haven’t written with a pencil in ages.  I have pens…lots of pens.  My kids have pencils (it’s a standard elementary school supply list item), but not me.  I have no pencils.  More importantly, I don’t really have a need for a pencil.

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Mi Amigos in Downtown Phoenix

I go to Mi Amigos, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix’s Arizona Center, regularly for lunch.  Regularly enough, in fact, that the manager never fails to stop by our table and say hi, knows us by name, and makes sure we’re content.

They serve wonderful fajitas, great corn chips, fresh salsa, and the best Mexican salads I’ve ever eaten.  If you ever find yourself wandering in Phoenix looking for a great place to have lunch, stop by Mi Amigos Mexican Grill.  You won’t be disappointed.

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When You Can’t Unwind

Does this happen to you?  Drag your tired self to bed only to find your head won’t shut down:

  • Am I spending enough quality time with the kids?
  • Did I send out the car payment?
  • I think the boys need checkups soon.
  • What am I going to wear tomorrow?
  • Shoot, I forgot to send the email replying to the party invite.

It’s your brain cycling – trying to fill the hole of a missing to-do list.  Make the to-do list and go to sleep!

This Way Out

My office door has been closed so long at work due to a head-pounding round of conference calls related to a project I feel sure is being haunted by a poltergeist that I forgot what it looked like outside of my office when that door was open.

After only one conference call (albeit, 3 hours long), I had a break – some time available where I might just sit like a normal person at my desk with an open door and a welcome smile while I worked on some paperwork.  In mid-thought, I glanced up from my work to gaze out that beautiful, open door.

You know what I can see outside of my open door?  Two very large, very red EXIT signs pointing to the elevators.

So I left.  :)

(Okay – I didn’t go far.  Down to the corner Starbucks for a caramel frappuccino and back – but it felt so good!)

Found Money

I’m starting to think that I need a new blog, one that just focuses on my six year old. He’s great blog material. He’s my little blogger boy. He’s a blog-o-rama. I often tell him he should have his own show. Take yesterday, for example, when he greeted me in the morning as I was getting ready for work with a fistful of dollars in his hand.

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My Little Conniver

Yes, we have rules at our house. Maybe not super-strict, uncomfortable rules, but they’re not too shabby where kids are concerned. No computers or TV in the bedrooms. Limited computer time. Limited TV time (when we remember to enforce it). Bedtimes are strictly required during school. Chores on a regular basis.

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