Category: And Working Mother

As a wife and working mother of three boys, I blog for the sake of my family because if I don’t make notes here about where they can all find their socks, they’ll be lost without me when I’m gone.

From Squidoo to Your Own Site

I first got my start making money online by posting content to a site called Squidoo. I joined in 2009 and did very well for myself until they started having issues with Google in the early part of 2013. At…

Sewing Machines for Beginners

When you’re a mother of all boys, there are some topics and items you don’t shop for much. One of those items would be sewing machines for beginners. There’s not really a whole lot of sewing going on at my house. There used to be, though. I took home ec in high school. I’ve made my share of pillows. I think I even made a dress once. (Pretty sure I never actually WORE it, however.)

How I Ended Up Buying a Motorola Droid

Here’s the story of how I ended up buying a Motorola Droid even though I hung up on a sales person who tried to sell me one a few months ago and told the salesperson in the Verizon store last week that I thought it was highly unattractive. Now, I wouldn’t trade it for any other phone.

Hugging and Business – Why the Two Don’t Mix

As the final day with my employer approaches, there has been a lot of reminscing at work. I’ve been with the same group of people for more than 10 years. Today, we got into a discussion about hugging and business and why I think the two don’t mix.

I know, you’re saying, “Well, it seems kind of obvious why the two shouldn’t go together. Don’t they teach you that in workplace harrassment classes?

Robot Mop – My New Best Friend

Meet my robot mop. She’s short and round and cleans my floors for free – 24/7, if asked. She never complains, has completely freed my back from having to sweep, vacuum and mop large amounts of tile floor, and sits quietly in the corner when not in use.