Busy as a Bee

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I know – friends and family are starting to wonder where I’ve been but it’s been a crazy week.  Besides my work project continuing to fall apart at the seems (taking me along with it!), I was buried in a Squidoo lens project for the WiWon School of Wonders and I actually needed a bit of a break after.  We’re talking a break of only a matter of hours, though.  The lens gave me some great ideas for new lenses so I have a pile of them sitting in draft mode awaiting a spare second or two.

My three boys start school next week so this week was also school supply and preparation week.  Meet the teachers, figure out what supplies we still have from last year, make new lists, and get ready for the big day Monday.  For the first time, all of our kids will be in school full time.  Oh, how I wish I could be at home instead of at work for those few quiet hours each day.

I’ve also been working through another online format, testing out some writing strategies and tools.  It’s nowhere near as fun as Squidoo, but I love to learn new things so I posted some small ads on USFreeAds as a trial.  Excel spreadsheet of information waiting to gather information.  I’d come across some great ebooks and some neat products I wanted to highlight and they made for small, quick writing exercises.

How to Fix Windows Errors
American Sign Language Videos
How to Make Wood Pellets
How to Get Satellite TV on Your Computer
Stuffed Balloon Ideas
Where Can I Make Music Beats On The Internet
Chrome Wall Art
Download Inuyasha Manga
Different Crochet Stitches
Wedding Balloon Decor
Balloon Decoration Ideas

Hope everyone is doing well!  (Kind of funny…Hope…my blog visitor…)  🙂

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  1. Hope Aubergine
    August 9, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    tee-hee……hmmmm, enfin, gloussement!

  2. Alex Crabtree
    August 11, 2009 at 8:05 am

    You too huh? I seem to be running so willy nilly that I’m out of places before I can finish typing what it is I want to s

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